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Keep it Green

It's not easy being green, but we're trying our best to help keep nature looking good. All organisations, to some degree, have an impact on the environment. Below you'll find details of just what we're doing to make sure we're pulling our weight.


We're always on the lookout for ways to reduce waste. By working alongside our suppliers and service companies to minimise packaging we're attempting to significantly reduce waste. After all, the environmental implications aside, it just makes sense to doesn't it!


At Edge of the World you can be sure that if something can be reused it will be. We're of the make-do and mend mentality when it comes to 'consumables' such as paper, card and packaging. If you've bought something delicate from our Website recently then chances are you received it wrapped in some re-used bubblewrap. Plus all of our store carrier bags are made from paper which will disintegrate very quickly if exposed to oxygen.


Many of our suppliers use recycled materials in their packaging as well as their products. Once we've used and reused something locally it gets recycled. Sue, Natalie and David in the office are sticklers for it, as are the staff in all of our shops and warehouses. That goes for all paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and cans, even printer ink cartridges.

Sustainable Products

Edge of the World strives, whenever possible, to source products made from natural materials and/or those using more sustainable materials such as organic cottons and bamboo derived fibres. We are also always looking out for products that incorporate recycled materials.

Our Stores

With our stores being in National Parks or pretty towns none of our buildings are new. None were designed with energy conservation in mind but this does not stop us improving them. Whenever a window reaches the end of its life we replace it with a double glazed one (planners permitting!). When lights fail we replace them with energy efficient LED units. Wherever we can we install or upgrade loft insulation. We replace old computers with SSD units which use less power and generate less noise and heat. All this requires investment but we feel we should be doing all we can to protect our world.

Can you help?

Absolutely. We all have a responsibility to keep it green. If you're sending anything to us in the post then please consider how much packaging it really needs, and if you receive something from us please put the packaging to good use elsewhere.